OUR Manifesto

We are committed to building for impact

Our Manifesto.

Kiitos is committed to building for impact. Our commitment to a 'triple bottom line' approach to business is exemplified in this manifesto. 

Kiitos has a clause in its bylaws which states that it exists to promote the success of the business for the benefit of its shareholders but also to have a material positive impact on society and the environment.

The clause considers a range of 'stakeholder interests'—including shareholders, employees, suppliers, society and the environment—when making decisions and, critically, that shareholder value is not the supreme consideration but is one factor amongst the many stakeholder interests which board members need to take into account when running the business.

Our manifesto is composed of four subcategories:

We are a people first company

We are transparent and honest in how we deal with our people and our stakeholders. We ensure gender balance by having fair and progressive hiring practices that ensure women representation from junior developers and trainees to higher management. We create a happy environment for our employees driven by trust and understanding and appreciation of different perspectives, religions, cultures and backgrounds. We care about people from a mental and physical point of view. Work-life balance is crucial to us. We have a lifelong learning culture, where mentoring and a sense of belonging, feedback and growing together plays a key role. We strive to create challenging and meaningful work opportunities so people can learn and develop themselves constantly. No one is better than the other. We remunerate fairly, striving to have 50% of our revenue go directly to the employees. We empower people to pursue their journeys and become role models themselves for generations to come.

We chose our clients based on impact

We chose our clients based on the impact their projects make. We are a company driving impact and we expect our clients to do the same. We are committed to operational excellence and providing high quality work. Through our work we connect people from MENA to people in the US and Europe, thus reducing biases and creating inclusive working environments. Our mantra is “happy people, happy clients” and we like to create positive experiences for both. We are not shy about the impact we make and we like when our clients aren’t either. We prefer impact projects, where SDG’s are clearly identified and core to their strategy.

We always pay it forward

We provide local opportunities and we disencourage brain drain in any of its forms. We equal local job creation to economic progress. The people in Kiitos become world citizens who understand the differences and similarities between cultures. We like to be a role model for other companies to follow along our footsteps, we are not shy about the impact we make. We are an impact over profit organization and we create innovative products that make other people's lives better. We create job opportunities in underrepresented communities and challenge the status quo. We believe in local and impactful entrepreneurs to build the core of societal progress. We share our stories to create awareness. We are proud of our work. We pay it forward.

We will always build with and for impact

We are always adjusting to the next challenge. We identify issues and solve them. We are trailblazers who believe that there is always room for growth and more impact to be made. We don’t always know what comes next, so we build a resilient team of people who are ready for complex challenges. We help companies create impact, by working for us and engaging with our practices. We are fixing real issues in the world and creating equal opportunities. We build with impact.

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